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Homepage Greatworkflow


Get an overview of all important information at a glance on your dashboards. Customize them with a few clicks and arrange them intuitive by drag and drop.

Home Sales


Monitor performance with the homepage of Greatworkflow. It offers a detailed overview of everything you need to know about your business. See information like tasks, top deals, goals, active deals and updates. Stay up to date with the newest business information delivered by charts and graphs. Arrange your information into tabs to have the right set of information for every situation in one click.

Home Marketing


Build your own homepage in a few minutes by setting up and arranging the widgets you are interested in.


Filtered lists show you only relevant parts of your data. Charts visualize numbers to give you a better impression of the contexts of your business.

With RSS feeds you can stay informed about changes in many different websites on one single homepage without even leaving the system. You have the whole environment around your company comfortable on one page.

With tag clouds you can search for tagged entrys by one click. A notepad gives you the possibility to scribble down flashes of inspiration. Maps help you to navigate and plan tours. Entries in social networks show you the impact on potential customers and much more.


Gain insights into the activities and buying behaviour of your leads and accounts . With social streams you can see relevant entries in social networks like Twitter, Facebook, etc. Profile updates or tweets show you new tools or business ventures.

Change streams update you about changes in the system made by you and your colleagues. Show your opinion about changes or give additional information by leaving comments.Tag entrys to find them later easily.

Widget Change Stream

Module Dashboards

Attach many useful dashboards to the detail view of module entries. You can add lists, graphs and much more. Attach a timeline to see all the changes of the entry in a movable time bar.

Module Dashboard

Social CRM

Benefit from all the advantages of social media and fill your data records in Greatworkflow with important information from social networks. Transfer data like address, day of birth, profile picture or many other information directly from social networks. Via Yahoo and you have the possibility to import your contacts to the module “Contacts” of Greatworkflow.

Social Media

With the Social Media Connector you have the opportunity to use information from social networks in Greatworkflow. In the “My settings” section you have the possibility to connect Greatworkflow to social media accounts. You can connect a contact, an account or a lead with data from the social networks. If you find the right data in the social network, you can import the data and choose which values are taken from the social network entry.

Social Media
Social Wiki

Social Wiki

Create an article on a topic. Publish the article. Make reviews and see the different versions to understand the change over time. Readers can also rate, subscribe and recommend articles.

Social Collaboration

Subscribe certain records and follow their changes. Subscribers are informed by email or message about changes. Create a widget on the homepage to show the changes of the subscribed records.

By clicking the “Show changes” button you can see the changes in a record. You can subscribe or unsubscribe every record in Greatworkflow and make the changes visible through a notification box. If you want the notification box to appear on changes, mark the corresponding checkbox.


A report shows filtered information from one or more modules combined with each other and grouped into a table which shows chosen fields of the chosen module entries.


Basic Reports

Give the report a Name. Choose the modules where the data are taken from. Choose the fields to show. Summarize the information. Add calculations. Add filters. schedule regular sending to recipients. In this way you can have the relevant information of your business sent to the responsible people on a regular basis.

Report Set

Report Set

A report set contains reports as lists, charts or graphic elements. Design a set of different reports and charts or text areas on one report set and export it as pdf document or powerpoint presentation.


Export reports or report sets to PDFs, CSVs or Powerpoint presentations with a few simple clicks. Save time doing copy and paste and edit your lists and presentations after the exporting.

Report Set Export


Greatworkflow has numerous possibilities to work with emails. Send mails with enclosed data from the system. Connect mails with entries or even have them scanned and connected automatically. Incoming mails can also create new entries. Automatically created mails can be sent to the users and customers.

Mail Manager

Email Manager

Relate emails from IMAP mailboxes to contacts, leads or accounts with a webmail frontend. Manage multiple accounts. Relate emails to other objects. Greatworkflow searches for records in leads, contacts and accounts with the same email address as the sender address of an email. Mark shown matches to connect the mail with the correct entry. The content and attachments of the email are stored in Greatworkflow related to the object (contact, lead, account) and is displayed in “More information” in the section “email”.

Exchange/Office 365 Connector

The connector works with “Microsoft Exchange” or “Office 365” accounts. Synchronize data between Greatworkflow and the connected system.

Interactions with the connector can trigger actions in Greatworkflow. Data synchronization between your contacts in both systems and your Greatworkflow-contacts happen in both ways (bi-directional).

Synchronize events (tasks & meetings) bi-directional between Greatworkflow and the other system. Adjust in the settings how the two systems are dealing with conflicts in bidirectional communication by giving either Greatworkflow or the other system priority.

Mail Chimp

Mail Chimp

View detailed statistics about an email campaign. See the status of mails being sent and the undeliverable mails. See who unsubscribed to the mail and who opened it.

See the number of views and clicked links in the mail. Create multi-stage campaigns based on already sent mailchimp campaigns further filtered through new criteria.

Mail Scanner

Scan incoming mails for keywords. The mailscanner can trigger the creation of an entry in the system, assign the mail to a certain user or trigger workflows. Save time forwarding mails to the responsible people.

Mail Manager


Manage your appointments, activities and todos. Reference them with contacts, accounts etc. Enter recurring events, set reminders and invite other users.

Classic Calendar

View your own calendar or shared calendars of other users or groups on a visual interface. Share your calendar with other users. Change events and todos via drag and drop.


Acivity Listview

See all your events and todos listed up. Use the advanced and normal search function like in other modules. See a graphical analysis of your events and todos. Change the owner of many entries at once and create a Google maps route for planning your meetings.

Calendar Listview

Exchange Connector

Import all your events and todos from Microsoft Exchange into Greatworkflow and vice versa. The bidirectional connector synchronizes changes made to Greatworkflow with Microsoft Exchange and vice versa. In the settings you can adjust how the system acts in case of conflicts.


Track interesting contacts by entering leads. Those might be people who give you their business card at a fair or interested potential customers entering their data into your website. If the Lead shows a serious interest, convert him to an account (company) and contact (person) to go further steps.


Save time importing leads, contacts, accounts and opportunities from CSV files. Take which data you want whenever you want and export them by CSV file to use them for other systems.


Give potential customers the possibility to communicate with you and show their interest by embedding a webform into your website. Interested potential customers fill the form which is connected to your system. In this way they create lead entries in your system with all their data by themself.



Inform your contacts, accounts and leads by email campaigns. Create a document and send it out to them. Choose the targets from your custom or standard listviews, from reports or add them manually. When you build up the list from multiple sources, the system checks for doubled entries. No recipient gets the information twice.

Sales Automation

The sales process follows various stages. When a lead becomes an interesting contact we note important information in an opportunity. once we know the potential customer and his needs better, we offer him our products in a quote. When the customer accepts the quote we create a sales order and invoice.


When a lead shows real interest in a product or service, an opportunity arises. Save data for new possibilities of business. As negociation goes further the state of the opportunity can be changed to keep track of its development. Based on this information you can create a quote which takes all the information from the opportunity.


Create quotes with products and services from an opportunity or from scratch. Send them to a contact or account using PDF templates with placeholders and product blocks showing the data of the bought products and the buying customer. Modify this template in the PDF templates. Create an invoice or sales order using all data from the quote.

Sales Order

Sales Orders

Create a sales order from an accepted quote using their data. Send this document to the customer as PDF template with placeholders and product blocks showing the data of the bought products and the buying customer. Modify this template in the PDF templates. From this document you can create an invoice also available as PDF.


See all the entries of a module listed up. Edit entries directly from the list., Go into their detail view to work with them. Save time by mass editing them. send mass mails. Check for duplicates to keep your data clean. Subscribe entries to stay informed.


Global Search

Choose the modules you want to search in. Enter a search phrase and check either the whole system or a certain number of modules for the phrase.

Module Search

Search a module in two ways:

Search for a certain word in the fields of the Listview very fast with the search field.

Search the whole module with detailed defined search criteria with the advanced search.

Module Search
Tag Search

Tag Search

Mark certain entries with words which you relate to them and search them later by clicking on the tag. You can build in tag clouds into every module and the home page for easy access and quick intuitive search.

Support and Service

Make sure to satisfy the customer by managing support and service with Greatworkflow. Using tickets, FAQs and the customer portal together with a competent service team will make every customer happy.



Document the stage of a problem solution and relate it to products, contacts, projects and accounts. Once the problem is resolved it can be converted into a FAQ in order to have the answer if it appears again. Send a PDF template with the solution to the author of a trouble ticket.


Solve problems easy and quick by keeping solutions already found in the database for the future. Comment and update the FAQ to have the newest information inside. Create a PDF to present your customer the solution of his problem in a nice sheet.

Customer Portal

Customer Portal

Let the customer see all the data shared to him in his own section of the system. He can write tickets and solve problems together with your service team. The customer can as well see the status of his problem being solved.

Service Contracts

Sell service contracts to customers to manage the support for products or services. Work with PDF templates using placeholders to send a decent standardized contract to the customer quickly and easily. Generate tickets from a service contract to know which ticket belongs to which service contract. Used time from a ticket is measured and subtracted from the time sold in the contract.

Service Contract


In the global settings the administrator has many options to adapt the system to every kind of company.



Create new users. Define which entries or fields they may see, edit and delete. Define an informational hierarchy to make sure that everyone sees just the data he needs to see.  View your users access behaviour.



Manage the look of modules. Define which fields are appearing and build in widgets and charts. Work with your own custom fields. Define the possible values of picklists.



Save a lot of work by creating workflows. Set certain criteria as triggers such as field values and define certain actions to be triggered by them. Create new entities, update fields, create todos and events and send mails using placeholders automatically by workflows.


Configure and activate a secure file transfer protocol (sFTP) backup service. Use this safe method to transfer and store your data. In case of technical difficulties your data are safe.



Manage projects efficiently using gantt diagrams and time registration to have a good overview about project tasks, milestones and teams.


Project Management

Assign your project to users and groups, working together. Measure the time needed for the project. It usually consists of tasks to assign and milestones to achieve.

Project Tasks

Assign tasks to members of your team. Define a time schedule and measure the time needed.

Project Milestones

Define a milestone which has to be reached in a certain point of time.

Project Teams

For every project there can be formed new teams. Put members together in a project team to define who is working together in a group.


Save time using templates instead or writing every recipient a single message. Design professional mails to give every recipient the right impression of your company.

Email Templates

Write a simple email as as in any other text editor or design a mass email with tables and placeholders, using the data from the system. Every reciepient sees just his information. Edit the mail the simple way or as well by code.

Email Template

PDF Templates

create documents with static text and placeholders using your data. Design headers, footers and edit texts. Add a product block for invoices.Create tables with placeholders using data from the system. Add graphics and link all the objects in your template with URLs.

PDF Generator

Approval Center

Control the information leaving your company. Certain PDF and email templates the users create can be approved by a certain role.

Approval Center

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